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    Hologarment Windows System

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    2021-10-23 15:06:18
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Product introduction: hospitality is a professional fashion design platform based on VR / MR (virtual reality and virtual enhancement) technology. Hologarmnt has the following functions: more intelligent design experience, more convenient remote collaboration, more accurate design of 1:1 virtual human platform, etc.

Additional services

1. Voice communication

Product introduction: real time voice communication using iFLYTEK voice SDK

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

2. Storage cloud space

Product Description: add 100g per purchase

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

3. Voice real-time transcribe

Product introduction: with iFLYTEK voice transcribing, voice recognition has reached the practical standard (reference website: https://www.xfyun.cn/services/lfasr)

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

4. Multilingual translation

Product Description: support online literal translation of Chinese, English, French and German multi national voice

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year