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    Hologarment+HTC VIVI Cosmos

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    2021-09-26 06:54:35
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Explore your creative space, immerse yourself in an exciting world, and explore new ways to learn and stay active.

Vive cosmos brings the innovative multi-functional modular pc-vr system.. It's not just about games, it's about improving your VR design experience.

More perfect inside out tracking

The combination of six camera sensors and the latest software optimization function enables accurate inside out tracking. Enjoy the VR experience of setting up and getting rid of the positioner easily.

High definition image display

Experience VR content with 2880 x 1700 integrated resolution (currently the highest visual resolution in the vive Series).

Comprehensive design

Suitable for all kinds of facial shapes, visual types, and even use with glasses. The new flip design allows users to freely switch between the real world and the game world.


Additional services

1. Voice communication

Product introduction: real time voice communication using iFLYTEK voice SDK

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

2. Storage cloud space

Product Description: add 100g per purchase

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

3. Voice real-time transcribe

Product introduction: with iFLYTEK voice transcribing, voice recognition has reached the practical standard (reference website: https://www.xfyun.cn/services/lfasr)

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

4. Multilingual translation

Product Description: support online literal translation of Chinese, English, French and German multi national voice

Product price: 59.9rmb / month 599rmb / year

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